Silk & wood share lightweight & the quality perception


CATEGORY: Packaging materials BRAND: Pujolasos

The concept of luxury has changed in the recent years, and now there is more emphasis on sustainability and the impact it has on the environment.

Some of Pujolasos' customers have been surprised that their caps weigh less, than those made from other materials. But, in the end, weight is a perception and does not necessarily have to be linked to quality. Less weight is not synonymous of lower quality, neither being lighter has a perception of less luxury. A clear example is silk, light and premium.

As Pujolasos explains, “we want to offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that meets all the demands and expectations of our customers”.


Since 1967, Pujolasos (Barcelona) is specialized in the industrial manufacture of small-format wood packaging for different markets, such as spirits packaging, perfumery and cosmetics, where Pujolasos is being recognized. Development, manufacturing, decoration, lacquering and assemblage are the main parts composing Pujolasos’ two plants, which span over 18,500 sqm. Today, Pujolasos is an internationally recognized provider of organic packaging within the premium segment, and works for several of the biggest brands of the sector.

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