Smart labels to control the quality of fresh foodstuffs


CATEGORY: Printing and labeling BRAND: ITENE

The post-harvest life of fruit and vegetables is one of the most important aspects in the commercialization of these products, therefore, the control of the ripening speed is essential to maintain the quality attributes

Maria Monedero, Inmaculada Lorente y Nuria Herranz - ITENE


Ethylene is a hormone responsible for changes in texture, consistency, colour, flavour and other processes involved in the ripening of climacteric fruits, that is, in the ripening of those fruits that after being harvested can continue with their ripening process because the ethylene production reaches high levels. Likewise, temperature has a high impact on the speed at which this hormone is generated and, therefore, on the speed of senescence or ageing of the fruit after harvesting. The development of tools that allow greater control over the presence of these factors will allow the fruit and vegetable industry to improve the management of these products and offer high quality products in...READING MORE AT

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