Smell: the new ally of packaging



Sensory study of the effect of an aroma-releasing package on a packaged cosmetic product and a microwaveable food.


Carmen Toledo y Nuria Herranz, ITENE


The search for differentiation of their products or services from the competition has been a constant in companies for decades. Considering that, according to Nielsen (2020), an average of 120 references are launched daily in the European mass market, the need for differentiation is even more evident. To achieve this, differentiation must meet three basic criteria: be valued by consumers; be specific and easy to communicate; and be perceived as unique in the market.


In this way, differentiation involves satisfying market demands by describing and offering products, services or experiences in order to change the way they have traditionally been seen, bought and used by users. Following this line, one of the current market trends is to differentiate oneself by trying to improve the consumption experience of products or services by establishing an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer.


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