“Sustainability has become a differentiating factor that adds value”


CATEGORY: Company news BRAND: Instituto para la Producción Sostenible (IPS)

Interview with Gema Gaspar, IPS Vice President

The Institute for Sustainable Production (IPS) is a non-profit entity whose mission is to promote a corporate culture of sustainability. Its goal is to show companies the benefits of incorporating sustainable practices into business strategy as a profitable commitment to innovation, competitiveness and business excellence. To find out more about her views regarding the Circular Economy, we spoke with the company's vice president, Gema Gaspar.


Francisco Montoro


The IPS also serves as a vehicle for the promotion of sustainable practices in companies, industries and products, and accredits an organizations' commitment to comprehensive sustainable practice through their IPS Certificate of Sustainability, a seal of approval that rewards excellence in the financial, civil and environmental fields.


INFOPACK: Sustainability. A trending term in recent years with which we all wish to be identified but which, owing to overuse, runs the risk of losing its meaning. Is Spain a country that is committed to sustainability and the Circular Economy? Is the business community open to incorporating sustainable practices in their organizations?

GEMA GASPAR: It is true that sustainability and the circular economy have become popular terms over the last decade which everyone talks about, but....READING MORE

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