Synchronization and digitization in the supply chain


CATEGORY: Logistics BRAND: Centro Español de Logística

The Supply Chain faces the challenge of responding to consumers’ new demands, such as immediate responses, excellent service and product traceability, while at the same time remaining competitive in the management of logistics costs and inventories.


Ana González


In these moments in which “transformation” is one of the words most used to refer to the context in which we operate, the Supply Chain has an opportunity to be a strategic area to create value in companies and become an authentic competitive advantage for our businesses.

In the consumer goods sector, we can see that the reality is that the Supply Chain, studying it from the consumer to the manufacturer’s suppliers, is not synchronized. In a simplified view of the different nodes in the chain... READING MORE



Ana I. González Herrera is the Global Client Logistics manager in Procter & Gamble (P&G) and president of the Centro Español de Logística (Spanish Logistics Centre). She has worked in Procter & Gamble for the last 28 years in different capacities in the area of Product Supply, heading departments in Spain and Portugal, Europe and internationally. As Logistics Manager for a global business unit, she is responsible for the design and implementation of the logistics strategy for global clients. She is a member of the management committee for Product Supply Europe, and leader of the program for Diversity and Inclusion for Product Supply Southern Europe. In 2013, P&G awarded her the Magnus Prize, the top international award for logistics functions.


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