Technologies for packaging simulation and optimisation



For years, Urban Goods Distribution (UGD) has been conditioned by the growing urban population and the continuous increase in e-commerce (with double-digit annual increases), compounded by the current pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the consequent increase in home deliveries

Sergio Güerri, Patricia Navarro y Ariana Gómez – ITENE


These aspects impose a greater need for delivery/collection services in an increasingly complex environment, where personal mobility is mixed with travel by logistics operators and the usual congestion of urban centres.



Therefore, one of the major concerns of the transport sector today is to improve the efficiency of last mile distribution in a sustainable way, increasing safety during distribution in the last leg of transport before delivering the product to its recipient, as well as reducing the associated costs and emissions.


It is important to distinguish between long-haul distribution and last mile distribution, as the stages they consist of are different, as well as...READING MORE AT

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