The challenge of creating suitable packaging for… flavoured eggs!


CATEGORY: Branding & Design BRAND: Agencia Kids

Eggourmet is a company that has invented eggs with aromas of truffle, ham, garlic, tomato and Roquefort cheese. This is a great innovation that had to be sold to the consumer in the most attractive way possible. A new brand that needed naming, with a graphic identity, packaging and powerful storytelling so it would stand out on the supermarket shelf.


Paco Tuercas


After analysing the sector, we at the company in charge of designing the product, Kids Agency (Valencia), realised there was a great capacity to attract attention and cause a surprise at the point of sale. Until now, egg brands were purely descriptive of the product, with only a photograph of a chicken or egg for differentiation. We realised we had to generate an engaging dialogue and experience for the consumer, to create a desirable and memorable brand.


We renamed the company with a thought to future projects... READING MORE AT

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