The design and manufacture of sustainable packaging as a unique proposal


CATEGORY: Branding & Design BRAND: Grupo Seripafer

For many companies, packaging has become a symbol of their identity. It is the key element that describes the brand and its values; and provides an opportunity for creating a safe path that complies with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO), particularly when it takes place in sustainable companies that produce it, as is the case with the Seripafer Group.

Maite Moya


Creativity, knowledge and technology are necessary elements for achieving the SDOs in every context, and this is stated by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme).  

We businesses can be real agents of change if we adopt measures based on sustainability and if we offer solutions that have a positive impact on the environment. It’s important to point out that ECODESIGN implies the incorporation of the environmental variable at every level of the creation process for packaging; and this can only be achieved by controlling each and every one of the processes.


One of the greatest advantages – and one which distinguishes us from the rest - is that at the Seripafer Group, we control and manage each of those processes and we hold ourselves responsible for complying with regulations and ecological commitments right to the end of the process.


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