The Label Industry Takes On the Coronavirus



The AIFEC (Iberian Association of Continuous Label Manufacturers) hopes that the companies active in our industry will manage to overcome the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. The industry continues to work at 90% of capacity, driven by essential food and pharmacy products.

The AIFEC Board of Directors is confident in a rapid recovery of the label industry once the Government lifts the measures reducing economic activity to overcome the health crisis caused by the expansion of the coronavirus in Spain. The association's forecast is based on a study prepared among its manufacturing members, which indicates that although about three-quarters of member companies are being affected by the current situation, the sector continues to work at 90% of capacity, driven by the manufacture of essential food and pharmaceutical goods.


President José Ramón Benito points out that "80% of the turnover in this business comes from labels for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, hygiene and health industries", essential activities that have remained in operation throughout this period of economic hibernation pursuant to Royal Decree Law of March 29, designed to minimize the physical displacement of the general population and providing paid leave for independent contractors who do not provide essential services.

In José Ramón Benito's opinion, this crisis may very well serve to...READING MORE AT

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