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CATEGORY: JAVIER ROMERO, editor of Infopack

As we are about to hang up the "closed for the holidays" sign, we think it is a good time to look back and analyse what the first half of 2022 has brought to the packaging industry.

Firstly, let’s confirm the vitality of the container and packaging sector, which is more evident day by day. Contributing to this, without a doubt, is that it has not been so affected by the successive crises of whatever kind that we have had to live through recently. That "today everything is packaged" has proven to be much more than a lifesaver: it is a lever for innovation. The large printing and finishing machinery manufacturers are aware that brands are looking to seduce the consumer at the point of sale - not only with an attractive and practical label or packaging but, above all, one that is also sustainable! - which is why we see continuous launches and improvements in its solutions that show that packaging printing is certainly one of the growth areas in the graphics sector. If everything is packaged, it has to be perfect. The innovative power of the sector is staggering.


The best moment of the year when all of this was seen was, quite emphatically, Hispack 2022, the first of the major European fairs in the sector to be held after the pandemic. Its return, a year later than expected, served to dispel any doubts regarding the health of the packaging industry. When more than 640 direct exhibitors participate in an event, which receives over 31,000 visitors, where 147 sessions and round tables are held with 322 speakers, we can affirm, without fear of contradiction, that the market is alive and well, dynamic and attractive. The dynamic role of Hispack was undeniable.


Fortunately, however, we are due more later this year. First in Madrid, we will see Empack 2022 (October 26-27) then later in Paris, the largest ALL4PACK 2022 (November 21-24). We’ll talk about this fair in our September issue when we have an interview with its director, Guillaume Schaeffer, who will tell us that "the event has opted for a new position, supported by an entire ecosystem: depletion of non-renewable resources, limited recyclability, greenhouse gas emissions... packaging is facing new challenges and must necessarily reinvent itself”. Take note of what is going to be the focus of innovation in the coming years. The main consumer brands are already aware of this and, in this very issue, you can learn at the hands of Francesc Galí, commercial and marketing director of the famous dairy producer La Fageda (on the cover), who is clear that "innovation in packaging goes beyond ecodesign".

Before bidding farewell in this publication, I would like to talk to you about “Brand Values”, the series of podcasts we launched this year to find out about the challenges in the world of packaging from the perspective of Brand & Design, Technological Innovation and the Circular Economy. This has given us the opportunity to allow renowned packaging and label designers, responsible for retail packaging and large brands, to speak for themselves. So far we have 8 programmes that I encourage you to listen to on our website, in the Multimedia section, or from your favourite platforms (Ivoox, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Spreaker). The contributions from these experts are of great value and help us glimpse where we are heading in this exciting industry of packaging.

Fco. Javier Romero

Editor Infopack Magazine


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