´The number one priority in the packaging of essential oils is that they maintain their therapeutic properties´


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Interview with Aroa Bajo, Marketing Communications Manager at Pranarôm


The beneficial properties of plant extracts have been well known since time immemorial. Essential oils go one step further: they consist of concentrated substances that extract every last drop of therapeutic power from their plants. Aromatherapy is one of their most widespread uses. This is well known to Pranarôm, a specialist in scientific aromatherapy, a member firm in the Inula Group, together with Herbalgem and Biofloral, who sells their products in pharmacies through pharmaceutical specialists in essential oils.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: Are people aware of the benefits of aromatherapy?

AROA BAJO: The truth is that we dedicate a great deal of effort in training our clients, pharmacists, in how to correctly prescription them. Due to this lack of familiarity, we have a comprehensive training program that aims to professionalize aromatherapy and improve pharmaceutical advice, since patients are increasingly requesting natural alternatives.

That said, it bears mentioning that Pranarôm has a...READING MORE

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