The potential of nanocellulose in paper and cardboard packaging


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The growing demand for bioproducts is a clear opportunity for the paper industry. This fact, along with the growing importance of the circular economy and the bioeconomy, are the new paradigms that guide consumer decisions and few products like paper meet satisfactorily the requirements that both pose.


Rafael Sánchez y María Ángeles García


Global production of paper and cardboard worldwide involved a total production of 92.2 million tonnes by 2018, according to CEPI (1). However, the paper and cardboard industry foresees positive progress thanks mainly to e-commerce and the growing demand for more sustainable packaging. In this regard, global demand for paper and cardboard forecasts growth to 490 million tonnes by 2030. Asia represents 46% of world consumption of paper and cardboard followed by Europe, with 22%, North America, with 18%, and South America, with 7% (2).


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