The “R” applied to plastic films: how to reduce and recycle


CATEGORY: Sustainability and environment BRAND: ITENE

We understand "flexible" to mean that which adapts easily to changes and to different situations or circumstances. Within packaging, we could say that this term refers not only to the physical characteristics of the film, but also to the versatility and diversity that this type of plastic packaging provides within the value chain. 

Teresa Calvo, Alejandro Aragón and Miguel Á. Górriz – ITENE


However, all these qualities can become disadvantages from the point of view of the waste hierarchy (Law 22/2011, on Waste and Contaminated Soil), mainly due to a very short useful life and certain difficulties in its recycling.


Currently, the recycling of flexible plastic packaging has become one of the main challenges in waste management and its recovery varies from one European country to another. For example, in Spain the most widely recycled flexible fraction is PE (polyethylene), while in countries such as Germany there are additional fractions such as PO Mix (polyolefin mix). The main problem lies not only in the technical difficulty of recycling flexible polyolefin, but also in the... READING MORE AT

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