Thermal inkjet technology): the revolution in industrial coding marking


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Thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers are as easy to use as desktop printers. Each of use is made possible through the use of innovative technology. Resistors’ heat, creates and expels micro droplets of ink through the many outlet nozzles.

Thermal inkjet technology uses printing cartridges that act as both ink reservoir and print head. Each cartridge contains hundreds of nozzles that can be activated on demand. So that it is finally possible to control and therefore choose the ink consumption according to the desired result.


This technology offers optimum marking quality, high resolution even at high speed.



The benefits for professionals who use thermal inkjet technology (TIJ)

  • Speed and print quality: The thermal inkjet marking speed is very high (up to 180 m/ min) even for marking a large amount of information (several lines of texts, logos, barcodes, etc.) This is the reason why the pharmaceutical sector has chosen this process for the “Track and Trace” application, which makes it possible to mark several lines or even 2D codes at high speed.
  • No maintenance: Thermal inkjet technology requires no maintenance! There is never a production stoppage!
  • Cleanliness of the equipment: The use of cartridges guarantees real cleanliness of the system.
  • Ease of use: Anyone can use it without specific training.
  • Economic advantage: The cost of thermal inkjet marking for primary packaging is the most competitive on the market. The acquisition price of the hardware is much lower than other technologies. The price of the hardware is much lower than other technologies. The only running costs are the ink cartridges. This cost is adjustable according to the size of the characters, the resolution and the type of inks.


Examples of applications for thermal inkjet technology:





3 questions to Xavier FERBO, specialist in industrial marking (President of the company WCS Coding):



1. You are an expert in industrial marking, have you noticed any changes in the expectations of

There is a strong demand for maintenance-free, clean, eco-friendly, economical and flexible industrial marking equipment.

2. What advice can you give to a professional who is wondering about the marking system that suits him?

Some manufacturers dwell a lot on the price of industrial marking equipment. Certainly the impact of
the material is not to be neglected but the most important factor is the reliability of the marking equipment. There is reason to wonder about the cost of a day of lost production due to a marking problem in the face of the cost of marking equipment. We note a strong demand from the market to no longer use inks with aggressive solvents which are very harmful to the environment and to the people who use them.

3. WCS Coding is one of the rare marking companies 100% dedicated to TIJ technology. Why did you decide to devote 100% of your activity to this technology?

This technology makes it possible to cover a very large number of coding marking applications today addressed by numerous technologies that are often very complicated to implement and sometimes very polluting.

There is a real market demand to use technologies that are simple to implement, economical and respectful of both users and the environment.

TIJ technology responds to strong market demand and we have therefore decided to devote 100% of our energy to it, unlike many of our competitors who use it as an addition to the range.



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