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CATEGORY: JAVIER ZABALETA, managing director of itene

In 1995, ITENE and y PressGraph mediaGroup joined forces to publish the first issue of InfoPack magazine. Our research centre had started its activity only one year before and we were only 4 people in the team - today we already count 185 professionals -.

Who could have imagined all that y PressGraph mediaGroup and ITENE were going to have in these 28 years of collaboration and shared challenges. From the first moment I felt the professionalism of both Javier Romero and Joaquina Cervera, and that is why it was easy to reach the agreement for the co-publication of what would become InfoPack.


I have been a direct witness of the achievements and the exceptional work developed by the InfoPack team, led by Javier and Joaquina. All their efforts have been reflected in a high-quality magazine, very innovative in its contents, and they have never lost sight of the reader's interest. None of this would have been possible without the support of the advertisers - the innovative companies in the sector - for the magazine, the first in Spanish to reflect the interests of the packaging world. The tenacity and constant effort of the entire Presgraph team have made this journey possible, which we now recognise.


Together we have co-published 300 editions in which our main contribution has been through the generation of valuable content written by our researchers and technicians, which has allowed us to share scientific and technological advances in subjects as diverse as new sustainable materials, technologies for the circular economy, design, safety, and functionality in packaging and many more.

The pages of InfoPack have accompanied the sector in its evolution and trajectory, always looking for the best way to reach the reader in terms of content and format. 


For ITENE, the magazine is part of our almost 30 years of history (in 2024 we will celebrate this figure). Due to its quality and professionalism, it has been the perfect showcase to disseminate the results of our research and technology projects and to show the world how we can support the industry to face the challenges that the world of packaging, in constant evolution, is presenting. 


Today, more than ever, InfoPack represents a necessity for the packaging industry at a key moment in which regulatory aspects, especially focused on sustainability, have a great impact on all sectors. 

In order to face all these challenges with guarantees, InfoPack is and will continue to be the leading magazine for Spanish packaging in the world.


Congratulations on 300 issues and here's to the next 300!


Javier Zabaleta

Managing director of Itene

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