Traceability through coding and marking to reinforce food safety


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Over the last ten years, we have seen an increase in traceability regulatory requirements designed to protect consumers.

Product serialisation for consumer safety is now a regulatory requirement in many industries, including the pharmaceutical, food and tobacco industries. Consumer health and safety are at the centre of global priorities today. Manufacturers in all industries must prepare for future regulations requiring traceability for both batches and individual units.


The agri-food sector is an ideal candidate for mandatory traceability, having experienced several safety scandals in recent years.


Consumer safety and product recalls in the food industry

One of the driving forces behind product traceability in the food industry is consumer safety and the need to recall products offered for sale after a food safety scare. Several types of incident can require a product recall, such as the presence of undeclared allergens or additives in packaged foods or the contamination of raw materials.

Product traceability through coding and marking means food can be traced throughout...READING MORE AT

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