Virtual reality at the service of luxury packaging


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The decision making process of the first prototypes of a packaging design requires time and meetings that today can not be carried out due to the health situation. The solution to this problem comes with Meetpack and an innovative technology.

In the luxury packaging sector, not only do we work with an absolute level of precision and detail, but also with fixed deadlines. It can take months to develop a project and the restrictions set by COVID-19 have further emphasized the delay. Yes, the new reality has left most people working from home, fragmenting teams that used to work side by side. Not to mention the added cost of all those physical samples that manufacturers have to create, ship and defend to their customers. As a result, the demand for its technology solutions has increased considerably in recent times and keeps on growing.



For Meetpack, the Valencia-based virtual reality company, the pandemic has been an opportunity to boost luxury packaging projects worldwide. The technology company offers a secure and customized virtual space to both brands and their manufacturers to speed up the development of the initial phase of the project.


The initial design process is significantly reduced

Don't panic, they are not eliminating the physical sample, but the previous process is reduced by up to 70%.

Yes, you got that right: what used to take months and required three, four or even more samples to be manufactured -with their respective shipments and modifications, is now solved by companies using this innovative technology in a couple of virtual meetings.


How do they do it? Quite simply, you can submit your design through their website and their development team will create the package with the actual shape and size. Then indicate the number of people who will participate in the meeting with their respective addresses and they will send you the fantastic VR glasses Oculus Quest 2.



A private room for meetings and ideas

You just need to be in a closed space with no objects around and have Internet connection (you can even connect them to the 4G of your cell phone).


Then the participants put on the glasses and become avatars inside the virtual reality room where they can see, hold and interact with the product. The possibilities are enormous: the packaging can be opened, closed or even separated from the different elements that make up the whole design. The design can be made out of an endless number of materials and textures, such as wood, metal, anodized aluminum, roughness of cardboard, glitter or transparency of glass and plastic.


What can you do inside the room?

Apart from touching the design, you can show presentations or videos and take notes on a whiteboard or even in the air, almost anything is possible here. And do you know what customers highlight the most? On the one hand, the feeling of presence of other people, something that improves communication and trust and, on the other hand, the realism of the product that helps decision making considerably. In addition, the feeling of spaciousness of being in a large space designed for working in a concentrated and relaxed atmosphere.



Meetpack also has a showroom of more than 600m2. Its elegant reception welcomes its guests in a sophisticated environment that encourages them to visit its six stands. Each of them is dedicated to a design with a screen on which different corporate videos can be seen, as if it were a trade fair, since we will still have to wait a lot to attend trade fairs in person in this new reality.


Meetpack is an innovation company whose mission is to offer a secure and personalized virtual space to both brands and their manufacturers to speed up the development of their projects by eliminating any physical barrier to make designs a reality faster than ever. Its commitment to the world is focused on: improving work-life balance, avoiding unnecessary travel and reducing the carbon footprint.


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