Visionary robot feed


CATEGORY: Machinery and applications BRAND: Theegarten-Pactec

Theegarten-Pactec makes packaging even more flexible, slimmer and cost effective.

In addition to ground-breaking innovations in primary and secondary packaging machines, Theegarten-Pactec presents a special highlight this year: the "Vision Picker". In so doing, the Dresden-based company is demonstrating its unique innovative strength. The newly developed robot feeding system with camera recognition ensures an even more flexible, streamlined and thus more cost-effective packaging process.


With its new development, Theegarten-Pactec proves once again that customers can rely 100 per cent on the company's longstanding experience and expertise in intelligent packaging machines. In particular when packaging delicate chocolate figures, many years of know-how are required to pack the product safely, reliably and effectively.


With the "Vision Picker", the company clearly demonstrates how even highly sensitive products can be packaged flexibly and by means of a lean process using a bundling system. This is where the CWM2 comes in – a well-established packaging machine by Theegarten-Pactec. The Dresden innovation drivers have put the previous process at CWM2 to the test and optimized it. The aim here was specifically to feed the products from the subordinate product stream to the robot. Previously, Theegarten-Pactec machines had to work with counter-moulds during robot feeding: due to the manufacturing process, a fixed number of products are produced in the counter-moulds which were placed by a robot in the feed chain of the packaging machine by means of a multiple tool.


Thanks to the new "Vision Picker", there is no need for elaborate counter-form handling during the packaging process. Using an integrated image processing system, individual products are now detected within the disordered product flow. Each product is individually sucked in by the robot and placed in the correct position in the infeed chain of the packaging machine to ensure secure and reliable packaging as usual. The advantages of the new development are obvious: thanks to the "Vision Picker", different product formats can be packed even more flexibly and therefore more quickly and cost-effectively.

The new development is clearly demonstrated in the packaging process of small, cast chocolate teddies, for example. At a speed of 400 products per minute, the CWM2 gently wraps the delicate chocolate figures in bundles.



In a modified configuration, the robot feed can also be combined with high-performance machines by Theegarten-Pactec. This also makes it possible to feed the products to the packaging machines at a rate of more than 1,000 per minute.

However, the well-established packaging machine with a capacity of up to 600 products per minute is far from being simply a sidekick to the new "Vision Picker". In fact, the CWM2 boasts numerous features: its modular design enables reliable processing of varying products. Different product formats and folding types are also possible without any problem. It is possible to switch quickly and easily between double twist wrap, side twist, top twist, bundling, letter fold and protected twist. In fact, the CWM2 is particularly adaptable when it comes to the combination of different impact types. Aggregates that are not required can remain on the machine for the most part. This enables Theegarten-Pactec’s customers to avoid unnecessary retooling and downtimes, so there is a cost-saving effect as well.


Theegarten-Pactec specializes in the design and construction of packaging machines for small pieced confectionery items. The company combines more than 20 different types of packaging with a broad performance spectrum. Apart from individual machines, the company also offers complete packaging lines as a turnkey partner. The following products can be packed or wrapped: hard candies, toffees, chewy sweets, chewing gums, chocolate products, and various other food and non-food products. Theegarten-Pactec has its headquarters in Dresden, Germany. Markus Rustler and Dr. Egbert Röhm manage the medium sized family business in its fourth generation. It has representatives in more than 100 countries around the world. The export share is about 90 per cent.  Theegarten-Pactec supports two industry sustainability initiatives: SAVE FOOD ( set up by the Messe Düsseldorf Group, and Blue Competence ( set up by the VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, German Engineering Association), Frankfurt.



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