Waste and Contaminated Soils Law and the future Royal Decree of Packaging and Packaging Waste



The world of packaging is experiencing times of changes at normative level. At the end of March, the new Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils for Circular Economy was approved in Congress and the Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging Waste is pending processing

Paula Torrijos y Nieves Barnuevo - ITENE


Both standards represent for sectors that manufactures or uses plastic packaging new models of waste management and use of materials. We analyse in this dossier what the alignment with the European regulations on circular economy means for the packaging industry, what implies for companies to adopt actions and assume the necessary changes to improve their sustainability and reduce their environmental impact.


Spain is no stranger to the growth of social awareness about the sustainability of packaging and its materials, as well as the management of its end of life. For this reason, we have worked on several legal provisions that allow the transition of our country to the European challenges of circular economy.


Waste and Contaminated Soils Law

The Waste and Contaminated Soils Law aims to improve the management of waste generation in Spain and minimize its impact on...READING MORE AT

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