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Interview with César Romero, CEO of Gráficas Lersi

Since its establishment in 1922, Gráficas Lersi has been recognised for its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of packaging. Located in the town of Torrent, Valencia, the company has continually evolved its processes, finishes and machinery to stay at the forefront of a constantly changing market, all in close collaboration with its loyal customers. Recently, the company experienced a big change in its shareholder structure and a turning point: in the person of César Romero, its new CEO, who embodies the ambitions and modernity that define this new and ambitious expansion project for the company.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: Until not long ago, César Romero was director of operations and CEO of Gráficas Lersi. This changed in mid-2022, when he acquired the entire shareholding, becoming the new owner and CEO of the company. What was the motivation for taking this step?

CÉSAR ROMERO: First of all, I have always been motivated and enthusiastic about my work and for the packaging sector in particular. Since June 2003, when I became part of the company, I have experienced this company as my own and I want to think that living and working with this thought and enthusiasm led me to acquiring the entire shareholding. The company was founded in 1922 and so is now more than 100 years old. It was being managed by its heirs, now into their third generation, who had little involvement in the business. They offered the possibility of acquiring 100% of the shares in the company and thus to be able to undertake the investments needed for this industry. Decision making is now...READING MORE AT

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