“We dress up your products with quality material and sustainable values”


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Interview with Montserrat Vilanova, Manager of Cideyeg Packaging

“We dress up your products with quality material and sustainable values” is the motto that Cideyeg Packaging (Terrassa, Barcelona), a renowned manufacturer of high-quality packaging, has chosen as its main letter of introduction in a highly demanding market. Differentiation on the shelf is key, for which the company can contribute its extensive experience and the most advanced printing and finishing technologies. As it celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, we thought we would like to find out more about this family company from its manager, Montserrat Vilanova, including its history and vision of the current market.


INFOPACK: This year, Cideyeg Packaging celebrates 60 years in the graphic arts and packaging market. The market has evolved very quickly during these six decades, in which several economic crises have been experienced, and the company has learnt how to stand firm and adapt to new trends. What is your secret?

MONTSERRAT VILANOVA: There are no secrets or magic wands to guarantee our leadership generation after generation. In our case, the trust of our customers has allowed us to continue growing and evolving in the sector.

As a company, we are up to date with new trends, both for optimal and more productive machinery, as well as in styles and designs to innovate on the shelf. The needs of our customers and demands of the market are our driving force to continue going forward.

Throughout the last 60 years we have weathered various economic crises, but the constant work and engagement of the entire team has allowed us to continue leading the packaging and graphic arts sector.

It is true that the market has evolved by leaps and bounds and the unprecedented arrival of the pandemic put a check on both the sector and consumers. Looking ahead for solutions to the challenges posed by the new normality is our only option.

Also, having a network of highly trusted suppliers and large loyal customers has helped us overcome this complex situation we have experienced.


IP: In 2012, Cideyeg Packaging celebrated its 50th anniversary in style. The motto chosen for that occasion was “50 years covering your projects”. Many things have happened in these last 10 years. Has Cideyeg had to reinvent itself? Have you specialised in any product or service?

MV: What wonderful memories come to mind when I think of our 50th anniversary campaign and celebrations! It seems like only yesterday and now this year we turn 60.

Many things have happened, internally, in the sector and in the world in general. The growing trend towards digitisation, the sensitivity to sustainability and changes in consumer consumption habits are just some of the challenges we have faced and continue to face. Reinvent yourself or die. There is no other way. We are all ready to reinvent ourselves.

The market changes as do new consumption needs. We have always had to reinvent ourselves with the market to be able to advise our customers; we have to adapt to meet demand, even to the point of creating it.

A clear upward trend in interactive packs is being seen at the moment; that is, the rise of e-commerce, internet shopping and the distribution of big brands brings with it a clear need to trace the product. Keeping track of it while being transported, until it reaches the final consumer is only possible through interactive packaging. Thus, we have the necessary tools to be able to provide value to the pack and help our customers with logistics, monitoring and stock control.


IP: Tell us about the company's history over the years. What have been the most important moments? What is Cideyeg Packaging today and where is it going? Where do you want to be in a decade?

MV: Throughout these 60 years we have experienced a massive evolution in all senses: changes in work models, improvements in productivity, optimisation of time... I dare say that part of the success and leadership we have achieved has been thanks to our ability to react and adapt to the market.

For example, at the beginning of this year, we invested in the installation of 1,000 solar panels to reduce our emissions of polluting gases. We expect to reduce our emission of CO2 by 160.55 tons per year. This, together with the acquisition of FSC, PEFC and WLT certificates, which guarantee sustainable forest management of the raw material used, are our first steps towards a greener and more sustainable planet in the future. This has all been done while maintaining our knowledge of how to produce packs that stand out on the shelf, which indicates the direction we are going in as an organisation.


IP: Could you tell us about the different lines of products and services offered by Cideyeg Packaging? In which sectors does the organisation operate and which are the most thriving ones or those with growth possibilities?

MV: Cideyeg stands for the “Industrial Packaging and Graphic Studies Company”. Its very name reflects the path it has traced throughout the years. What began as a graphics studio led by the company's founder, Salvador Vilanova, has become a leading printer of packs for large mass market brands. Laminating techniques, varnishes, stamping, reliefs, embossing... day by day we innovate to find the best method to highlight the product at the point of sale.

We currently produce packs for the sectors of high quality cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy, food and textiles, among others. Many national and international brands trust us with the final results of their product. They all agree that, firstly, they do not want to harm the planet with their commercial activities, and secondly, they want to help in terms of sustainability. In fact, the most common trend with the greatest growth potential in the coming years is going green.



IP: You just mentioned that Cideyeg Packaging prints high quality packs for different consumer markets like cosmetics, perfumery and pharmaceuticals. What trends are you finding for packaging in these markets? What are the main requirements of today's customers?

MV: At the beginning of 2020, both brands and consumers started to be aware of and be sensitive to green policies: caring for the environment, protecting the planet and avoiding overproduction were just some of the things becoming most valued. Following the unprecedented Covid-19 situation and its consequences, today the green trend and the purchase of sustainable products have become a reality in all sectors. High quality cosmetics, perfumery, the pharmacy channel, food and the textile sector have reinvented themselves to respond to these new demands. As a leading company in the production of their packaging, we have a great responsibility: to align ourselves with their values so their products are as green and sustainable as possible.

And, as I already mentioned, the rise of digitisation and Internet purchases has resulted in a new need: to trace products and track them through their journey. Our mission? Provide more value to the product with packaging and provide useful information to the customer.


IF: R&D is in the DNA of Cideyeg Packaging, and without a high degree of investment in research, it would not have been possible to achieve the recognition that the company has today. Where is R&D going in the short and medium term? Where do you think the next innovations in packaging will come from?

MV: Packaging, packs, graphic arts... everything is constantly evolving. In the short and medium term, we see a clear trend towards minimalism. An attractive pack design, with the message being at the centre of communication with the consumer, highlighting their values.



IP: Can you convey to brands and the packaging industry those features that make your company stand out, where you have a competitive advantage? What is the message that Cideyeg gives to the market?

MV: Since we began, when my father headed the company, we have always wanted to convey the affection we have for each pack we work with; as if each were unique. Like a jewel or a made-to-measure dress for each product. Fully personalised advice and state-of-the-art machinery are what define us.

“We dress up your products with quality material and sustainable values” is the result of our history and evolution as a company and in the sector.


Cideyeg Packaging currently employs a total of 135 people, 100% dedicated to the company mission, with premises covering over 12,000 m2 in Terrassa, Barcelona, from where the company serves the entire peninsula and Europe. “We do not work outside the European Union, since, for us, this market needs 100% of our attention,” explains Montserrat Vilanova. In 2021, Cideyeg had a turnover of €18 million; an increase of 25% compared to the pandemic year.


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