Why the packaging sector will be attractive for M&A in 2020


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Between 2014 and 2019 there have been 52 acquisitions of Spanish packaging companies, a clear sign that the sector is going through a consolidation process in a trend that will continue in the following months.


Diego Moreno



Within the next year and in the middle term small companies will face greater investment demands in order to keep up with environmental obligations and to incorporate new technologies, what will boost even further the consolidation process. The most attractive segments for buyers are healthcare, food & beverages, cosmetics and e-commerce.


Despite being a mature sector that doesn’t experience high-growth rates, packaging companies are very attractive for investors because of their defensive nature, after proving their strength and stability in previous financial crises. Investors also positively value that packaging is regional, and exists in all territories, driven by the need for fast customer service and maintaining minimal logistics costs.


In a sector without high-growth rates, packaging companies tend to... READING MORE

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