´Wineries are aware that the design of their product is their best advertisement´


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Interview with Marta Lojo and Kike López, founders of Estudio Marta Lojo


Some time ago, the designers Marta Lojo and Kike López, founders of Estudio Marta Lojo, wrote in our pages that remaining passive in a changing world is a mistake: "when you finally wake up, you are already finished and your competition has gained ground", they declared. Today, their studio is more renowned in Spain than ever for its specialization in the world of wine, an industry which, in the face of globalization and a growing number of wineries, today considers design as an integral part of its business.


Francisco Montoro


INFOPACK: How did you get into the field of professional design?

MARTA LOJO: Following our passion for the artistic, good design and aesthetic sensibility, we studied the specialty of Graphic Design at the Pablo Picasso School of Art in A Coruña, choosing as our final project the development of the corporate image and packaging for an Albariño winery. Once we completed our studies, we settled into...READING MORE

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