Wrapping materials: A journey through a real case


CATEGORY: Logistics and Transport BRAND: ITENE

Analysis of the feasibility of the different wrapping materials available on the market for the protection of the load against the risks of the distribution cycle.

Patricia Navarro Javierre and Víctor Gallego – ITENE


The use of optimal packaging systems ensures product integrity throughout the supply chain. However, in recent years, sustainability legislation has entered the packaging materials selection equation.

How do I know if I am getting it right, will the product be damaged and will it arrive in optimum condition, and how does the choice of one material over another affect my bottom line?

To answer these questions, we take the reader on a journey through a case study in which different packaging solutions are studied and compared, considering technical performance and assessing the economic and environmental variables in parallel, so that companies can identify the sustainable solution best suited to their product.


What does European environmental legislation say?

Let's start with the European legislation on circular economy. At the European level, it considers that packaging design should consider the following aspects... READING MORE AT

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